Nov 15, 2013

Do You StenDoodle?

What is is? Well, Michael can explain but we thought we'd give you a cool visual:

Creative Classes. Part 3

Take a look at our weekend with Julie Fei Fan Balzer!

For two fun creative days, Julie took 16 happy people on a creative adventure called "Art Journal Make & Play" where they constructed and filled their own amazing journals.

Here's a peek:

Technique Demo

Smiling Faces!

Being Silly & Having Fun!

Click for video!

Nov 12, 2013

What a Weekend!

We were so very happy to host the amazing team from Stencil Girl Products this weekend.

MaryBeth Shaw, Pam Carriker, Michelle Ward and Andrew (&rew!) Borloz taught their class: "Mastering Stencils: Urban Journal Style" to 23 excited students for two full days of creative play.

These four incredible, creative and oh-so talented artists put together an event that won't soon be forgotten...Have you ever seen so many happy faces?!

Check it out!

First Up: MaryBeth demonstrates stenciled backgrounds 
Andrew explains his amazing book binding techniques.
Even Pam and Michelle got to play!
Yummy paint and stencils.
Sue T. looking happy with her journal pages!
Stencil Girl ROCKS!
Busy Stenciling!
Michelle has a great tip for clear Contact-brand paper!
Violet's beautiful mess...
Susan showing off her gorgeous journal!

Pam's "Inktense" Demo!
Sherri's beaming!
That's Jessica Sporn & Marjie Kemper in class!
Who's that?? Yep! It's Seth Apter getting his stencil on!

The whole happy crew!Front RowBette F., Jessica Sporn, MaryBeth Shaw, Michelle Ward, Pam Carriker, Andrew Borloz. Back Row: Carol U., Seth Apter, Brenna G., Eileen B., Isolina P., Jane W., Cheryl B., Susan M., Sheila B., Maria P., Marjie Kemper, Marsha B., Diane M., Karen D., Janet H., Patty S., Sue T. & Violet J.